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Hopee House, Inc.
H.O.P.E.E. House is a short term, God-inspired, adult female residential living
facility renewing peace, reinstating hope, and offering empowerment to overcome.  
HOPEE House assists women discharged from inpatient rehabilitation by providing
affordable alternative housing and the tools needed to resume independent living.  By
using supportive and educational programs, women will have the opportunity to
experience a “spiritual awakening” and come to know “a power greater than myself” as
mentioned in the 12 Step Program.  
HOPEE House is the bridge providing help for
females transitioning from inpatient drug/alcohol rehabilitation returning to society and
the community at large as a productive and responsible human being.  Our purpose is to
be the linkage during personal transition by offering two distinct, yet overlapping
programs:  the
Traditional 12 Step Program, based on God as an individual may
understand Him; or, a
Christian 12-Step Program which offers a non-denominational,
Christ centered, biblical approach to recovery.  Both programs will affirm the dynamics of
faith rather than instill doctrine.  In addition, empowering and motivating recovering
adult females to re-establish their character and regain their dignity lost as a direct
result of drug and/or alcohol addiction and assist with the transitioning of becoming
productive and accountable for their personal well being.  Programming will be done in
three (3) stages; the first thirty days will provide focus on the disease of addiction;
second stage (30 days) will be centered on socialization and re-motivation; and, third
portion, the last 30 days, will be geared toward skill training and building a career and
future in sobriety.

Women completing a stay at
HOPEE House will have a better understanding of their
addiction, what it takes to remain sober, and how to love themselves on a daily basis.  
HOPEE HOUSE:  "Helping Other People Endure by Empowerment"

HOPEE House Woman will understand the process of surrendering to gain, “let go and
let God”.
         Hopee House is a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Organization with 501(c)(3) Federal Status.  Donations are tax deductible.

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